From Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Clarkston, Michigan where Steve Miller Band recorded their first live album at Pine Knob in 1982.

Long before DTE bought the naming rights, Pine Knob was the place to be for summer concerts in Michigan. Crowds would fill the pavilion in their assigned seats, but the real spectacle was the fans sprawled out across the lawn under the starts to enjoy a few short magical months of live music under the stars one night at a time. Eddie Money was the season opener for quite a stretch, and Steve Miller Band was a summer staple at Pine Knob. They knew, when it came time to record a live album, this was the place to do it.

In 1982, Steve Miller Band was enjoying a resurgence thanks to the huge radio hit "Abracadabra," 1977's Book of Dreams is almost a greatest hits album in itself, with the now classic cuts "Jet Airliner," "Swingtown," and "Jungle Love" all on this record. The follow up album, Circle of Love failed to connect with audiences, but Abracadabra brought back the magic.

The concert was recorded on September 25, 1982 and would be released as Steve Miller Band Live! in April of 1983. Steve Miller Band performed 22 songs and improvised 3 jams for a 25 song set at Pine Knob. The record release was truncated to just 10 songs with a runtime of under 40 minutes. has the rundown of the Detroit show:

Steve Miller Band | September 25, 1982 | Pine Knob Music Theater

  1. Swingtown
  2. Get On Home
  3. Living in the U,S,A.
  4. Gangster of Love
  5. Keeps Me Wondering Why
  6. Macho City
  7. Look on Yonder Wall
  8. Mercury Blues
  9. Heart Like a Wheel
  10. (Unknown) Blues Jam #1
  11. Space Cowboy
  12. Give It Up
  13. Something Special
  14. Wild Mountain Honey
  15. The Window
  16. Just A Little Bit
  17. Cool Magic
  18. Fly Like an Eagle
  19. The Joker
  20. Rock 'n Me
  21. Abracadabra
  22. Jet Airliner
  23. Jungle Love
  24. (Unknown) Detroit Boogie Jam
  25. (Unknown) Blues Jam #2


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