Last Season for the Kalamazoo Growlers was maybe the most improbable run you could imagine for a baseball team. First place at the halfway mark, then dropping to near-last in the second half of the season.

We all know the outcome, and continue to celebrate ahead of the team's May debut at Homer Stryker Field. But recently, the team was finally sent their Championship rings, and BOY are they pretty!

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It's a pretty special moment for athletes to see the final culmination of their hard work personified. Last season, the Kalamazoo Growlers took the 'Ship of the Northwoods League, and celebrated accordingly.

The problem with a trophy is, though, there's only one of them, and they typically stay with the ball team, at the ballpark.

So, you have to get some kind of commemorative item to take with you wherever you go, because you have to be able to show EVERYONE, in person, what you accomplished.

Enter, the biggest rings I've ever seen.

Growlers players and staff finally received their championship rings in the mail, and their reactions are exactly what they thought they would be.

"Oh, it's Heavy!"

Not a single player without a smile on their face as they unboxed the MASSIVE Championship rings, that could rival a Super Bowl or NBA Championship in size and brightness.

On one side, the skyline of Kalamazoo with 9 blue stones (team colors) under a large "2022" to commemorate the team's 9th season. On the other side, 9 more stones with the player's name, their position, and a "The Zoo" jersey.

And of course, on the face of the ring, the Growler's Roaring Bear Mascot head over a field of diamonds and "Northwoods League Champions".

As the Growlers said when they premiered the rings back in February...

"This is how you do a championship ring!"

But now, the players got their first looks at the rings after being shipped out to them, and their reactions couldn't be any better.


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